Welcome to the Z-Wave Alliance

The Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of over 250 leading manufacturers and service providers worldwide
that are dedicated to interoperable wireless control products based on the Z-Wave open standard.

Z-Wave is a key enabling technology driving the "Internet of Things."

Z-Wave For Developers And OEMs

Z-Wave is a wireless communications technology that is used for short range, two-way mesh topology automation networks.  The technology is licensed by Sigma Designs and is comprised of a protocol stack and a set of transceiver modules. 

Available Solutions

The physical and media access layers (PHY/MAC) have been ratified as the international standard G.9959 by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).   There are currently four available hardware platforms. From Sigma Designs they are the ZM3102, ZM4101 and the ZM4102. For more information on these Sigma Designs solutions, click here.    A fourth platform, the WML-C67, is available from Mitsumi, click here for more information.

The Z-Wave protocol stack is embedded in the chips, and flash or OTP memory options are available to the manufacturer/OEM for their application software. For smooth product development, a range of blueprints of the PCB circuitry surrounding the Z-Wave® Single Chip is offered, including antenna circuitry and filters.

Sigma Designs also licenses reference designs, stack software, and APIs to chip manufacturers interested in entering the home control space, with Z-Wave porting services that assure quality and accelerate product development. Z-Wave's industry-leading device specifications are available royalty free, based on a RAND-Z model, and the Z-Wave certification program ensures interoperability between all products.

To get started developing Z-Wave products, you first purchase a developer’s kit.  This purchase includes signing a license agreement with Sigma Designs for the use of the Z-Wave technology.  Developer’s kits can be purchased from DigiKey, click here for more information. The page includes a Product Training Module that will give you the developer's overview.

Sigma Designs holds regular 2 day Z-Wave Fundamentals classes that teach the novice about the technology and how to use the developer’s kit.  To learn more about these classes and to see the schedule for times and locations, click here.  Z-Wave products must be certified by application to Sigma Designs and verification by a registered independent test lab prior to being sold in the market.  For more information on this process, please contact the Z-Wave Certificaton Manager.

Training, Support And Interoperability Compliance

The Z-Wave Alliance provides support to the developer’s community by holding regular Advanced Training and Unplug Fest events where licensed developers can learn about new and advanced protocol features, network with fellow developers and test the interoperability of their products.   For times and locations please see our Events page. 

The Alliance also provides a Compliance Test Tool (CTT) to its Full members.  This software tool is the gold standard for Z-Wave interoperability and is used by the independent test labs as their primary test platform.  The Alliance provides an Interoperability Test Lab stocked with the largest known ecosystem of certified Z-Wave products.  The lab is located in Piscataway NJ and is open to the public; Z-Wave Alliance members receive priority access and substantial discounts.  For more information on the Alliance’s Interoperability Test Lab including the services offered please, click here.

The Alliance hosts many working groups that are responsible for the advancement of the standard and for supporting the Z-Wave community.  Working groups include; Compliance Test Tool, Installer Training and Tools, Interoperability Testing and Standards, Marketing and Trade Shows, Device Class and Command Class working groups.  

For more information on getting involved with Z-Wave, consider joining the Z-Wave Alliance.  For information on how to join, click here.