Welcome to the Z-Wave Alliance

The Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of over 250 leading manufacturers and service providers worldwide
that are dedicated to interoperable wireless control products based on the Z-Wave open standard.

Z-Wave is a key enabling technology driving the "Internet of Things."

The Z-Wave Interoperability Lab

The Z-Wave Alliance Interoperability lab is designed to provide real world applications-based
testing to ensure interoperability, coexistence and positive user experience when using
over-the-air radio frequency and over the-power line home communications technologies.

Getting To The Interoperability Lab

The Z-Wave Alliance Interoperability Lab is conveniently located in Piscataway, New Jersey, just 30 minutes away from Newark International Airport, 45 minutes from New York City and 60 minutes from Philadelphia. 

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Contact us for pricing or to make an appointment:

Z-Wave Alliance Interoperability Test Lab
140 W Ethel Rd, Unit I
Piscataway, NJ 08854
United States + 1 206 972-9883