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Evolve Introduces AI Tablet

Z-Wave And Android Come Together In New Touchscreen Controller
Las Vegas, NV (January 10, 2013) – Z-Wave Alliance member Evolve Guest Controls has introduced the Evolve AI ecosphere, consisting of bedside, desk and in-wall controllers, which the company says will introduce a new paradigm in in-room experience.

The 10.1-inch color touchscreen display replaces the guest room alarm clock and offers full alarm clock functionality including dual alarms and wake-up call scheduling; iPod/iPhone/iPad connectivity for audio and charging; Internet radio,weather forecasts, lighting and temperature control; concierge services; internal message broadcasting; in-room dining and room service and other services ranging from requesting valet parked cars to dinner reservations. 

In addition the system can support Internet apps and full customization for each hotel is available.  For a multimedia demo and more information, see the AI tablet at the Evolve web site.